Premium Broiler Feed Series

We produce a vast range of high Quality Broiler Feeds to suit different needs of farmers.

Our Broiler Feeds are formulated for every essentials stage of Broiler Chicken Life Cycle from Day 1 to Final Harvest.

All of our feeds are fomulated to with balanced composition of Protein, Vitamin and essential Minerals to promote Healthy Broiler Bird’s Health while achieving good Feed Conversion Ration and Optimum Body Weight at the day of Harvest.


  • Contains High Protein and Balanced Amino Acid in Perfect Blend
  • With added Coccidiosis to help maintain digestive health of early stage of Bird
  • Contains added essential vitamins and minerals to promote health of Broiler Birds

Mulia Profeed Broiler Feeds are the right choice for Succesfull Broiler Farmer for a better tommorrow.